Fantasy Movie League – The Passion of Saint Tibulus

Down with this sort of thing!
Down with this sort of thing!


As the Premier League season winds down and the glory of your NFL Fantasy Football win from December fades, what better way to fill the gap left behind this Summer than Fantasy Movie League. The old mantra “If you build it, he will come” from Field of Dreams has long been replaced with “If you rank it, he will make it into a fantasy sport” and praise be the lord that it is so!

So what’s the deal? Well it’s pretty straight forward. Sign up and log in at, it’s free to play. Pick your 8 summer movie blockbusters each week for your virtual cinema, stay within your allotted budget and then score points based on US box office figures for that weekend. You can change your movies around each week: add the latest blockbuster or hold onto that reliable Paul Blart Mall Cop 2 in your cinema listing, the choice is yours! And yes, that last sentence may be the only one in existence which contains the words “blockbuster”, “reliable” and “Paul Blart Mall Cop 2″. Pretty awesome, right!? The League I mean,  not Paul Blart Mall Cop 2 obviously.

We’ve named our Summer Movie League in honour of the critically acclaimed “The Passion of Saint Tibulus” as featured in Fr. Ted and if you’d like to join us, simply search for the league once you’ve registered at and enter the password “carefulnow”

Your virtual Cineplex must be listed before 21st May 2015 and your line up of movies set for the first week of Fantasy Movie League action beginning the 22nd May 2015.

To get you in the mood, here’s a little reminder of why “The Passion of Saint Tibulus” is the most talked about movie since Paul Blart Mall Cop 2 (yep, I went there!)


Let the games begin! (Popcorn and Nachos optional)


Sports Movies – The Good, The Bad and the Ugly!

“I will break you”

As I’m often inclined to do around these parts I made a decision on a whim and now The Sports Waffle is going all pop culture! Well more like once in a while but eh, you know what I mean.

To delicately ease us into the vast abyss of pop culture and sport, I’m going to spend a few weeks initially talking about sports movies with you – the ones you loved, the ones you hated and the just “whoa crazy crazy” as ESPN’s Matthew Berry would say.

It doesn’t matter what you loved or hated either, I want to hear all about it – maybe you loved Rocky’s training montages or Jerry Maguire showing you the money or Al Pacino giving you that now infamous “inch by inch” monologue in Any Given Sunday or like me, The Blind Side just making you wish Sandra Bullock would adopt you! There’s plenty of awesome ones out there and some pretty God damn awful ones too – Adam Sandler’s “The Longest Yard” anyone!?

To kick start this process I asked my massive, ahem, Twitter and Facebook following their views on the best and worst sports movies of all time. Here’s a small sample from Twitter as a starter for ten:

So as I march forward discussing sports movies on The Sports Waffle Blog and indeed the Podcast too, I need to find out what sports movies you all love and hate in equal measures. Don’t be shy, I can’t do this alone! Well I can but you get my drift.

Please leave your thoughts in the comment field below on the best and worst sports movies of all time. And if they’re particularly dodgy, rest assured, we’ll certainly not reveal your secret sports movie shame on The Sports Waffle Podcast. Nudge nudge, wink wink.

If blog commenting is not your thing and you’d prefer, why not just drop me a line on any of the social media channels or by email at

Stay tuned and keep poppin’ and wafflin’


FIFA World Cup Fashion – Denmark 1986

It’s been almost a year to the day since the last installment of “FIFA World Cup Fashion” here so it’s fair to say we were due an update. In case you missed it (#ICYMI as the kid’s say!): to date we’ve featured Ireland’s 1990 impeccably pure white track suit and the USA’s amazing denim stars 1994 away kit. But there’s plenty more were those two came from and we’re ready for part three today.

This time around we’re taking a trip back to a glorious summer in Mexico in 1986 which saw Diego Maradona’s Argentina crowned World Champions and Denmark mesmerise the world with some exciting attacking flair.

Sepp Piontek’s side featured some household names to Irish football fans in Liverpool’s Jan Molby, Manchester United’s Jesper Olsen and Juventus’ star Michael Laudrup amongst others. They would eventually bow out of the competition at the hands of Emilio Butragueno’s Spain in a crushing defeat in the last 16 but it was their brilliance during the group stage that captivated the world.

The Danes started their campaign with a 1-0 win over Sir Alex Ferguson’s Scotland and the world got it’s real first glimpse at the devastating partnership of Michael Laudrup and Preben Elkaer Larsen. They followed up the win over the Scots by dismantling an ultra negative Uruguay in a comprehensive 6-1 win with Elkaer Larsen grabbing a hat-trick against the Enzo Francescoli led opposition. They then wrapped up a memorable group stage with a 2-0 against eventual World Cup finalists West Germany and the world began to wonder if Denmark could be our next World Champions and usher in the beginning of a dominant era of Danish football.

The public admiration didn’t stop with Denmark’s free-flowing attacking game though, there was also plenty of love from the football fashionista community for their world cup kit made by Danish based sports brand Hummel.

The home shirt, pictured above, adopted a half and half design with a solid bold red half coupled with a white half with thin red pinstripes. The shirt had a subtle but elegant navy piping that matched and indeed complimented the Hummel branding along with the trim on the stylish white v-neck collar. Finished off with the now traditional Hummel ‘v’ arm pattern and white trimmed curvaceous navy numbers, this shirt became an instant classic and a much sought after piece of clothing on the mean streets of countries far removed from Denmark.

As a result, there were few better “football hipster” looks back in 1986 than a stone-washed Lee Cooper jean with pristine white socks, matching white trainers and a Denmark home shirt on top. In fact, the look would still work today – a testament to the designers at Hummel if ever there was one! In modern times, wearers of the said shirt raise the football fashion stakes and receive knowing nods of approval from passers-by. Purchasing an original 1986 Hummel Denmark Shirt will set you back at least £200.00 on retro football shirt site so if you’ve got one, I’d suggest holding onto it.

On and off the pitch in ’86, few made football sexier than Denmark.  And who doesn’t love sexy football, right?


The Sports Waffle Podcast – WBA’s Jeff Astle, Ireland’s Ray Treacy and Sponsorless Jerseys

Host Karl O’Shaughnessy looks back at Jeff Astle Day at West Bromich Albion FC while also remembering Ireland great Ray Treacy and a time when numbers 1-11 featured in football jerseys.


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